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Advisors to Germany help the German Language students or a German language professional to go to Germany.
(Assistance provided for profile evaluation, Visa appointment, documentation process, remittance, blocked account, education loans ( German university )etc .

* Free counselling for Germany
* Assist students with Visa appointment and documentation
* Assist students with blocked account, remittance
* Assist students with education loan, health & travel insurance

Profile Evaluation: language Pantheon technically understands the student’s profile and then provide with the best program possibilities.

The profile evaluation is the customary question in all the discussion groups and forums related to getting job with a German company or studying in Germany. While it is natural that one could be anxious about their chances of getting an admission, these are generally considered as annoying questions. This is because there is no ‘exact’ procedure for analysis of one’s profile. No one can accurately tell how your profile is going to fare against all the other ones in your specific domain and the university.
Although this process is the hardest to generalise, we have given a brief analysis for each criterion and tried to come up with a general evaluation process. Language Pantheon believes this will help anyone who needs a preliminary idea about their chances of getting an admit.
  • Bachelor’s percentage
    This is easily the single most important criterion for your admission or securing admission in German University
  • Work Experience
    If you have a relevant (to your course) work experience, that certainly adds up. Not only is it important in getting you a university admission, but it also helps in getting part-time jobs and even finding jobs after your masters are much easier.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    This is the only document that tells your personal story to the admission committee. This carries information about your motivation, interests, ideas, future plans, etc. In many cases, a compelling SOP will easily put you ahead of your peers.
  • Letter of Recommendations (LOR)
    LORs are highly respected and given great consideration in Europe at large and more so in Germany
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    Although your CV is just a display of all your academic and professional achievements, it is important to craft it well. This is the only document that’s scanned through in the first phase of selection process. So it does play a critical role in your application.
    Contrary to popular belief, these tests aren’t as important in most cases. These are tests to check your English language proficiency. This is just an eligibility criterion for Masters course in any foreign university.
  • Internships, Workshops and Extracurricular Activities
    Anything that is relevant to your course will be complementary to your profile strength. Internships will give a positive outlook. Workshops and extracurricular activities indicate that you are a proactive student.
  • Class X, Class XII grades
    Combined GPA, give the information about how consistent are you with your academic performance. If it shows an increasing trend and consistency, it is a positive thing.
  • German Language
    If the program is partially or completely taught in German, you are expected to complete at least level B2 before applying . This is an eligibility criterion just like IELTS/TOFEL.

Although you can get an admit, it is not a good idea to travel to Germany without basic knowledge of German. You will find almost everything (official documents, signboards, place names etc.) in German and it can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don’t have the basic understanding.

    • Documentation :-

Language Pantheon helps in short listing the documents

    • Education loan :-

Language Pantheon provide assistance to makes your loan procedures tension free with minimum documentation.

    • Getting your Visa :-

Language Pantheon helps in visa process, Blocked Account, remittance and preparation for Visa interview etc.

    • Admission Procedures :-

Language Pantheon provides assistance to the students

    • Shortlisting the university :-

On the basis of profile evaluation language Pantheon provide assistance for shortlisting the German universities.

    • Hassle free accommodation :-

Language Pantheon provides assistance for accommodation in Germany while you are studying.

    • Statement of Purpose/Letter of Motivation Preparation :-

Language Pantheon helps the students to prepare an excellent SOP as per Language Pantheon profile evaluation techniques.


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